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A slot machine is a game that involves spinning reels and gambling. Each reel has a particular set of symbols. They will land randomly once you have placed a wager and spun the reels. The game rules will allow you to win prizes if these symbols are aligned and satisfy the requirements.

Slot machines used springs, gears, and other mechanical mechanisms to control their reels. This obsolete mechanic, however, limits the possibilities for symbols, gameplay, or prizes. A brick-and mortar slot machine can accommodate up to 5 reels, each with around 10 symbols. The chance of 5 Lucky 7s appearing on a winning reel should be 0.001%. However, the odds of winning are still much higher than those on today's slots.

Modern slot machines use a computer program called Random Number Generator or RNG to determine where the symbols land. The random number generated by the program is chosen randomly from thousands upon thousands of cycled figures. It corresponds to the appearance of the symbols on the reels. The new system means that today's slot machines have more reels. They can also offer different layouts. You can even change the landing frequency of each symbol. This means that the recurrence of any icon can no longer be physically affected by the reels. It can instead be programmed to the casinos or gaming providers. This increases the chances for engaging bonuses, features and prizes.

What exactly is a slot machine, you ask? A slot machine is an electronic device that has multiple reels each with a particular set of symbols. Once you click the play button, push the lever, or spin the reels, a program called RNG will generate the outcome of each spin. RNG, or Random Number Generator, will randomly generate the spin's outcome and display it on the screen. Win or lose, let fate decide. Isn’t this why so many gamblers across the globe fell in deep love with this form of gambling?

How do we categorize our Slots?

Based on our experience in the gaming industry and the research that we have done into it, we were able to categorize the slots into four categories, based on the different differences. Let's look closer at our findings.

We named the slot machine, because it can only be used by putting one coin or more into a slot, and then pulling the handle. These machines were sometimes called one-armed bandsits because they resembled a man without one arm. Based on the denomination of coins, the most popular slots can be divided into penny, nickel, quarter and dollar slots. If you are looking to play long-term, it is essential that you choose the right coin denomination, especially if the bankroll is small.


The game features a variety of slots that offer different themes, graphics and gameplay. They all have the same layout, only with different reels and rows. Traditional slot machines feature 3 reels and 1 line, while advanced models have 5, 6 or 7, with additional rows along the middle. You would find it easier to understand the situation if you didn't experience an unexpected circumstance.

Big Time Gaming's 2016 slot game Bonanza featured the Megaways. It was a game-changing innovation that shocked the gambling industry and continues surprising the gaming community to this day. These were the beginning of changeable-reel slot games. Every spin has a different number or symbols. You can win 117.649 in a 6-reel video slot with Megaways enabled such as Bonanza. This is more than the standard 20, 25, and even 40 paylines. Isn’t it sweet?

By Game Type

Another classification we considered was the game type. There are four types of slots we can find: classic slot machine, video slot, progressive and 3D.

Classic slots, which are old-school 3-reel slot machines, emphasize the gambling feeling rather than the storyline or outer design. Your excitement comes from the mechanical sound and ka-ching of coins exploding from the payout tray.

Video slots are similar in style to classic slot machines, but they have a more interesting look. You can still have fun while taking in the stunning design.

Progressive slots may be one of the two above categories, but they also have a progressive Jackpot attached. A small percentage will be added to the big jackpot, and all progressive slots can be linked together to form one progressive Jackpot. The jackpot will increase the more players that participate in the game.

3D slots offer the best of all the slot machines. These slots are known for their stunning graphics, complex gameplay and storylines. They're a mix between modern video slots and traditional video slot machines.

This classification is subtler that the others because players must play the game to identify which one they are on. However, it's still identifiable unlike the last category, which will be described in our next paragraph.

Type of Slot Machine

This categorization focuses mainly on gameplay. We have seen four types of slots machines: the one-coin, multiplier, buy-a–pays, and the progressive.

Single-coin slot machines refer to those that operate with only one coin. This is the most commonly used category. All the features are accessible by just one coin. However, the classic slots do not have any features to activate.

Multiplier machines are the same as single-coin slots in terms of their operating requirements. The multiplier of the payout is increased by every additional coin wagered. For example, one coin will give a 1x multiplier while two or three coins will increase the multiplier 2 to 3 times.

Buy-apays is a type of slot machine that has more than one payline. However, multiplier slot machines have more winning combinations and paylines than the ones that use additional coins. Although players are more likely to choose the maximum paylines, it is not uncommon for them to prefer one payline. In this instance, buy-apays machines for slot machines are the same as single coin ones.

Progressive slots are easy to recognize because of the large jackpot board that blinks on every slot. Some machines have their jackpot boards hidden within the slot, as opposed to the majority. You should be careful as these types of slots are harder to hit and more costly than regular ones.

A few myths and facts about slot machines

Once you know the basics about slot games and how they are classified, and have a good idea of how to choose the right slot for you, let's move onto the most important question. How can you play a slots in the smartest way and most efficient manner? This link will take you to a detailed guide that covers all the tricks and tips for playing slot machines. Do you still have questions about what to expect? These are some tips for you:

No one can beat this game whether they are experienced gamblers or novices. While our guide is a collection of reviews and experts' knowledge, it has proved to be very useful for many of its readers.

How to choose the best slots by provider

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